Dear GV Alumni:

I am Sheily Virella (GV16, Puerto Rico). I was recently selected as the Chairperson of the Election Committee for the Global Village Network Executive Board Elections of 2020. I would like to present our Committee members:

1. Ron Lowenthal, GV01, Israel
2. Javed Vidhani, GV08, India
3. Ana Rodrigues, GV09, Portugal
4. Irene Ioffredo, GV17, Italy
5. Brad Sydorick, GV18, USA

We would like to notify you that the nomination procedure is going to begin soon, and the elections will be held during January 2020. Over the next few weeks, we will keep in touch with you by email and various other sources of communication. We will keep you informed regarding important events and deadlines during the election. We encourage you to actively participate in the process. Our goal is to provide an impartial and transparent procedure.

The following seven Executive Board positions are open for nominations.

Vice-President (Chief Financial Officer)
Chief Legal Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Chapter and Communications Officer
Chief Activities Officer

*This list has been offered to disclose the positions available for the election and to provide you with additional time to evaluate whether you or the person you will nominate is the best fit for the position. We encourage you to assess the future of GVN and whether the Nominee would be able to achieve it. You may not nominate the same person for two or more positions. Nominations are subject to evaluation by the Committee and acceptance by the Nominee.
**It should not be interpreted that the Election Committee will start accepting nominations at this time. The period of nominations will commence once the formal letter, including the description of each position, deadlines, and other requirements, is delivered by e-mail. All further deadlines will be set at the Eastern Standard Time (EST).

We are looking forward to your participation and cooperation by sharing this post in your local chapters to reach out as many Villagers as possible.

Warm regards,
Election Committee 2020

UPDATE December 2

The previous notification was the announcement of those who will be overseeing the election process. The nominations process will start later this week.
I encourage you to read the full posts for instructions. If you have questions you can reach out to us.
All questions will be officially answered publicly.
No information should be provided to any specific individual privately. The Election Committee has been instructed not to answer questions privately.

Once again we look forward to your support and participation.