Global Village Network Executive Board

The Global Village Network Executive Board

is elected to manage the organization by its members for a two-year period. The board works with the chapter directors, designate committees and carry out activities that take forward the organization´s purposes.

Global Village Network EXECUTIVE BOARD 2018 – 2019

“I am happy that we are making the world seem smaller with the Global Village program.”

Dario Zoric | President

Croatia, GV 2011

“There’s a solution for every single problem; it’s the attitude which matters the most”


Ajinkya Naik | Vice President & CFO

India, GV 2015

“Lilach is passionate about creating valuable connections worldwide”

Lilach Moses | Chief Chapter & CCO

Israel, GV 2015

“We work on a tech-driven culture and that makes GVN the strongest network in the world”

Carlos Garcia | CTO

Peru, GV 2017

“We need to work further on mutual understanding and tolerance and that is the change this world desperately needs.”

Biljana Ivosev | CLO

Serbia, GV 2014

“She has +10 of experience in education,

marketing, sales and startups.”

Maral Harutyunyan | CMO

Armenia, GV 2015

“When life takes you places, you do everything in your power to spread those experiences to others.”

Jelena Dukic | CAO

Serbia, GV 2016

Former Executive Boards

2015 - 2017

Irene Magistro GV08 – President
Dario Zoric GV11 – Vice President & CFO
Ana Maria Rodrigues GV09 – CCCO
Yazan Jamous GV09 – CMO
Daniela Escobar GV14 – CTO
Alexandra Cruz GV14 – CLO
Leigh Pulford GV05 – CAO

2012 - 2014

Adeniyi Bankole GV2001 – President

Irene Magistro GV2008 – Vice President &  CFO

Stefania Skonieczny GV2007 – CLO

Carlos Garrido Camino GV2011 – CTO

Katherine Vasquez Tarazona GV2007 – CAO

Sabrina Sposito GV2010 – CCCO

Angelo Tomaselli GV2010 – CMO

2010 - 2012

Enrico Senatore GV06 – President
Beatriz Martinez Dombarco GV09 – Vice President & CFO
Adeniyi Bankole GV01 – CLO
Jennifer Trask GV03 – CCCO
Antonio Olivieri GV09 – CTO
Jennifer Beuth GV09 – CAO
Antonio Di Donato GV09 – CMO

2008 - 2010

Burcin Aksoy GV99 – President
Catherine Lopez GV07 – Vice President & CFO
Silvia Gatti GV03 – CAO
Michal Splawski GV05 – CTO

2006 - 2008

Catharina Bratt GV02 – President
Marco Alvarez GV04 – Vice President & CFO