About GVN

The GLOBAL VILLAGE NETWORK was organized and chartered in 2009 by a group of graduates from The Iacocca Global Village for Future Leaders (GV) at Lehigh University, PA, USA. Today, alumni on record total 2.183, in more than 139 foreign countries. It’s led by the Executive Board.

We are proud alumni of Global Village and very honored to serve as Executive Board of our Global Village Alumni Network! Global Village is the place where we spent a few memorable and significant weeks of our life, that can become years, once you fell in love with the magic that this program is able to realize… for us it’s like we’ve never been back home since our class… because this program, the people who run it, became part of our family and this place is home for all the Alumni.

An experience of change is hard to explain. The Global Village experience changes you in ways you may not even realize at that time. That is the story of the majority of Villagers, several years after their memorable Global Village experience on Lehigh University’s campus.

It’s not only fun to be involved, but also important. The intimate involvement of the Alumni in the life of the Village creates the bond across the years that make our network of alumni unique and amazing.

As we give back, we get more than we give: a Global Family. Each Alumnus holds in his hand, the power to push GV forward.


Global Village Alumni Network exists to help its members reach their professional and personal goals, through providing a platform that members can communicate and connect with each other.


Platform where all alumni may communicate openly; where everyone shares the same information for the purpose of making the most of themselves to maximize their service to others in the world. The platform’s sole purpose is to allow information exchange for the creation of business opportunities between alumni.