Our Lehigh Tour: London
  • 23 Jun,

With the continuously growing interconnected world, Lehigh University aims at expanding internationally with the help its alumni. On June 15th, 2016, Lehigh University invited both Lehigh Alumni and Global Village Alumni to a reception at a London hotel to discuss means of international promotion to Lehigh University. One of the means proposed to start brainstorming for the promotion was by expanding the Alumni network to include GV’s network taking advantage of a mobilized network of Alumni. The event was a demonstrative example of how GV alumni can contribute to Lehigh’s internationalization efforts.  The event was highlighted by two speeches made by President John D. Simon and Cheryl Matherly, the newly appointed Vice President and Vice Provost for International Affairs who spoke about the great potentials that both Alumni can present as a way to give back to their university, Lehigh University. The event also serves as a great networking opportunity for Alumni to personally increase their networks and benefit from such gathering as they were interacting with their fellow Alumni. The event ended with an informal reception with Alumni sharing their memories of Lehigh; in fact, In fact, between 33.33 %- 50 %of the alumni attending were GV graduates.