GV LOVE - Sabina & Enzo
  • 24 Sep,

Who can deny GV Love? We want to share with you some of the love stories from our villagers who are still dancing!

Names: Vincenzo Porzio & Sabina Cucu

Wedding Date: 15 – 05 – 2015

GV Year: 2012

A little about yourself: Enzo is the founder of a social cooperative that manages the Catacombs of Naples and some other touristic sites in Rione Sanità district of Naples. In 2014 the cooperative welcomed over 60.000 visitors to the district, contributed to the birth of a local community foundation, and received nationwide recognition for excellence in managing the cultural heritage of Italy. Enzo currently specializes in social innovation, communication, and marketing. He loves arts, food, sun, and sea.

Sabina has a background in Private Banking with Groupe Sociétè Generale, and since she met Enzo switched careers and is currently involved in the management of third sector (no profit) initiatives in Naples performing administrative tasks with a Community Foundation and a local association.

She now specialized in project management and social accounting. She loves cooking, traveling, and … Excel.

They also love each other!

How we met: Our meeting was planned by fate (with the help of Mary Frances and Trish J) as we were “accidentally” scheduled to be part of the same groups (and we are talking about ALL 3-4 groups you are assigned while in GV). We first met during the campus welcome tour, we first kissed the night after the Opening Gala while doing computer work and we never separated since then. We never actually had a first date, we were together all the time in GV. We can call a first date our first trip together in Philadelphia in one of the weekends of GV.

We can say the fire sparked the night of the Opening Gala when we have danced together.

The proposal: After GV, we had a long distance relationship for 6 months. During this time we would meet once a month in a different city for a long weekend. This is how Enzo visited Chisinau, Sabina visited Naples twice, and together we visited Rome and Istambul… it was such an intense travelling time! We got engaged in Istambul. Enzo prepared the rings and managed to even guess the ring size with the help of one of Sabina’s friends. He kept everything secret until the last night there. It was December 3 in front of the Blue Mosque.

Sabina moved to Naples after 2 months.

We decided to get married one year later. It was a normal consequence of our common adventure. We had many doubts about the date as it had to be as special and full of meaning as all our story, and we finally chose May 15th 2015 as the number 5 has a symbolic meaning for Enzo.

How GV helped: GV teaches you to be brave and follow your dream. We did. The GV experience was an emotional rollercoaster full of moments we will never forget …. and it gave us many amazing supporters!

Relationship advice: When you meet your other half you just kind of know it. If you did, there are no rules. Every single story is different and special. Don’t be scared to listen to your heart. If you didn’t, you will, have patience, because all the roads you take have a meaning, and eventually everything will make sense.