Iacocca Insitute
The Iacocca Institute was established in 1987 with the support of Lee A. Iacocca, former chairman and chief executive officer, Chrysler Corporation, and a member of Lehigh University’s Class of 1945. Educating the global leaders of tomorrow.

“I formed the Iacocca Institute as a joint venture with my Alma Mater, Lehigh University. Its mission is to empower the leaders of tomorrow through programs and activities critical to global and local leadership.” Lee Iacocca


  Global Village
The Iacocca Institute gave birth 20 years ago to the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry, an annual program that prepares promising young business leaders from around the globe to succeed in the international market. The villagers, or interns, spend five weeks at Lehigh University immersed in team building projects, lectures and courses, businesses trips, consulting projects, and cultural experiences designed to give them a foundation in business and industry leadership that has a global perspective. When the program first started, Richard M. Brandt – program director - says, it drew about 53 students all under the age of 21 from 25 countries. This summer, 89 interns – ranging in age from 18 to 45 years, with a third of them already holding multiple graduate degrees and a third already working in business – came from 43 countries to take part in the program. To date, 2005 interns representing 135 countries have graduated from the program and are now part of the growing list of GV alumni. GV participants are diverse in culture and background. They represent students of undergraduate and graduate institutions, and managers from global corporations and family-owned businesses..


Global Village on The Move
Just as the Iacocca Institute begot Global Village, Global Village begot Global Village on the Move, which runs shorter educational programs in different countries. Global Village on the Move was established through a growing interest among our partner institutions to deliver the Global Village in their own countries, regions and territories. While GV is not a mobile program, the Iacocca Institute determined that shorter seven-to-ten day versions could be delivered in collaboration with existing recruitment partners outside of North America. Qualified partners will have visited and provided attendees to the GV flagship program. The opportunity to provide a collaborative immersion learning experience, cultural experience, and similar curriculum pattern in other countries has allowed us to work with partners in:





United Arab Emirates









The Iacocca Institute fulfills its mission for leadership development of the next generation in the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE). PSGE is designed as a unique learning program to educate top high school students from the U.S. and around the world on global entrepreneurship. The four-week residential program focuses on challenging students as they develop greater cultural awareness, leadership skills, and learn business practices with other students, faculty, and entrepreneurs. To date, PSGE has trained over 930 students from 58 countries and 10 states.


International intership
Lehigh University’s International Internship Program provides students with full fellowships to participate in internship, research or practicum experiences in organizations around the world. The internship is a full-time experience, which allows for a true cultural immersion.While students gain practical career-related experience and an enhanced global perspective, the organizations that host the students get driven, intelligent interns to work on short-term projects and an opportunity to mentor young people. These experiences are 6 to 12 weeks over the summer, unpaid and not credit bearing. Lehigh University pays for each student’s travel, accommodation and meals. A modest stipend is available to students with demonstrated need. The International Internship Program is funded through the Iacocca Foundation and the Freeman Asia Foundation.