Our Mission
Global Village Network exists to help its members reach their professional and personal goals, through providing a platform that members can communicate and connect with each other.


Our Vision Statement
To unite and utilize the talents of GVN Alumni in order to fully embrace service, leadership and community by adopting E.M.P.O.W.E.R, the organization’s strategic goals

Encourage a strong social bond among Alumni. Become a Chapter director in your region: one of us, in every country/chapter, alumnus that “directs”, organizes and is able to keep in touch with all the alumni in his/her chapter.

Motivate to give back to the great Institute which changed our lives. Support the next generation of GVN Alumni by donating to the RMBEndowed Scholarship Fund (Richard M. Brandt Global Village Endowed Scholarship Fund, established by four of our fellow GV Alumni (Ylber Dauti-GV 1999, Albania; Giulliano Lopresti-GV 2000, Mexico; Mohammed Al-Thani-GV 2002 , United Arab Emirates; and Mehul Thakur-GV 2008, India and our friend and longtime supporter of Global Village, Charlie Zeynel).

Promote opportunities unique to the Alumni. Do business with GVN. Submit projects to our whole network or submit a project to Iacocca Institute through GVN portal. Get benefits form external partnerships built by the Executive board in the network’s interest. Take part and realize netWORTHing at conferences organized by GVN in collaboration with external partnerships.

Offer chances for productive relationships among and with Alumni. Experience the value and benefits of the Alumni Association by participating in activities throughout the year, including Homecoming, Reunions, Opening and Closing Galas at GV Program.

Welcome new members of our Association. GVN opens its doors to not only Alumni, but also friends of Iacocca Institute, and PSGE Alumni.

Encourage leadership among Alumni. Become a GV Servant Leader and learn to manage GV and PSGE Interns by applying to be a Guide&Project mentor in the fall or a GVN Executive Board Chief when the application is open.

Remind to the Alumni the opportunity given with THAT white t-shirt. Meet students just like you! Be a Global Village Ambassador in your Country! Organize events to promote Iacocca Institute programs (from January to March): Iacocca Staff members will join the venue! Spread the word about Iacocca Institute Programs and the RMBEndowed Scholarship fund.


A brief History
The GLOBAL VILLAGE NETWORK Inc. was organized and chartered in 2009 by a group of graduates from the Global Village. Incorporated in Puerto Rico, is a Non Profit Organization. Today, alumni on record total 2005, in 135 foreign countries. It’s led by the Executive Board. GVN Executive Board – Functions are:

  1. Overseeing the work and improvement of the Board of Chapter Directors;
  2. Designating Committees and oversee their work;
  3. All other activities that forwards the Organization’s purposes.

The GVN Newsletter
Published on a quarterly basis, covers all of the latest and greatest Alumni Association news, programming and events.